The Hatbox Has Evolved …

The hat market has a strong reputation for innovation and creativity. Every year milliner’s creations occupy many pages and column inches of magazines and newspapers, and much of this creativity is driven by the major social and sporting events, and current fashion trends.

It was this creativity that inspired us at Hatboxdesigns to design a hatbox specifically created to meet the requirements of both milliners, and retailers of hats. The hatbox needed to be both stylish and elegant, yet meet the modern, practical needs of today.

Our design is based on the ideal that the perfect shape for a hatbox is round. The result is our unique, patented ten-sided hatbox with integrated lid, which packs flat for ease of storage and transportation. Produced in recycled and recyclable micro flute board, our hatboxes are strong yet extremely stylish, easily assembled, with a slip handle that allows you to carry the box in a variety of ways.

In addition we offer the opportunity for generating additional revenue with our Hatbox Display Unit, along with the Traditional style 6-sided hatbox and accessories such as shipping cartons and acid free tissue paper. To enhance your companies’ image further, we provide an overprinting service with your company logo.